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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sock Drying, Fun for All Ages

I know.  Right now you're asking yourself, what kind of magic has been performed on these children.  LINING UP to help with chores.  Hanging socks, nonetheless.  Quite possibly the worst job in the "hanging-of-clothes" line of profession.

Enter Papa.  AKA, The Genius.  Yes folks, my dad is a genius.  After spotting one of these babies hanging from an Amish clothesline (we love our Amish around these parts) he took a snapshot in his brain and recreated it for my clothesline.  And my sister-in-law's clothesline.  And another for my sister-in-law's clothesline (those folks have A LOT of socks...possibly more than two feet per person, I don't know what's going on over there.)

And let me tell you, we kinda fight about who gets to hang the socks now because it's SO DARN FUN.   

The socks don't get folded over the clothesline, so they dry so nice and evenly and they flap around in the wind so they don't resemble cardboard when removed from the sock dryer.  It's revolutionized our feet. 

Kids, lining up to do chores.  Does life get better?

Then of course we need to take a break from the fun for some more fun.  Running through drying sheets has to be one of the all time best things about kid-dom.  If you never had the opportunity I strongly encourage giving it the college try now.  I grew up running through my grandmother's drying sheets and towels and there's nothing better.

Happy socks.  Happy Mama.

One last, kinda crummy photo, for those of you "recreators" who would like to see the top view for making your very own sock dryer.  Everyone needs more fun in their life...sock drying should be part of that. :-)

Be kind to each other,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Bathroom...Bits and Pieces

Do you like your bathroom?  I can't say that I like mine.  The upstairs bath, yes.  The downstairs bath, no.  Not. At. All.  It functions....I guess....but has lots of issues.  And, well, frankly, I've reached my limit.   

The exhaust fan is only remotely in the vicinity of the shower...and we all know what happens when moisture can't escape.  Bad, bad things.  In fact, the shower itself was installed wrong and upon developing a leak we were informed the only solution was tearing out the whole thing....or caulking it to within an inch of its life.   We chose the latter...knowing its life was coming to a close.  Those are just a few things....there are lots more. (Like the giganto whirlpool tub that is used exclusively as a giganto laundry hamper.)

Now the pieces and bits are being collected...for....wait for it....wait for it......A BATH REMODEL.  Guess what folks.  I'm not doing a thing.  Not a darn thing. My super hero, Rich, is remodeling the bath.  After the kitchen remodel I've got nothin.  Not an ounce of energy left.  I can't wait for you to see what we do with that ole table up there.  It's oak under all that paint. 

Then these two little vintage lovelies came into my life this past week.  $16 for both....can you believe?  They jumped into my arms.  We're going to rewire them so they can be hardwired instead of plugged in.  (Well actually my dad will probably rewire them...there's really no "we' in it.  ;-) 

I tried them out on the kitchen wall....makes me think I REALLY want beadboad in the bath too.....just so my lights can look this pretty. ;-) 

A few weeks ago my stars aligned and sent me to the ReStore.  Okay, it doesn't take much to get me to the ReStore, but I digress.  There, in the midst of rusty, mineral deposited sinks were beautiful shiny twins.  BRAND. SPANKIN'. NEW. shiny twins.  Brand spankin' new KOHLER twins.  I quickly whipped out my trusty phone and looked up this particular model of Kohler sink, which retails for $320 each.  EACH?  Holy crapola.  I took these babies home for $40 each.  WITH the cutting templates and porcelain cleaner that originally came packed with the sinks.  WHAT THE FRANK?  How did these beautiful twins end up at the ReStore?  Frankly I don't really care because now they live in my basement until their big day. 

Tub, tile and faucets up next.  :-)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Up Top

Finishing the ceiling has been the catalyst to SO many wonderful finishing touches in the kitchen-project-that-has lasted-into-infinity.  Would it be strange to invite everyone I know over just to stare at my kitchen ceiling.  Perhaps I should do that in private, so as not to reveal my obsession with it. ;-)  Did you know that drywall can be finished with NO SANDING AT ALL?  Um....apparently it Rich.  Do you remember I talked about Rich and the ceiling a bit ago.  
However....I never showed a photo of the finished product.

I've never seen a more beautiful, smooth, perfect ceiling in all my life.  For reals.  Rich was here twice a day for a week to produce this glorious masterpiece.  WITH NO SANDING.  Guess what Rich is doing next?  Remodeling my bathroom....I mean seriously...if you can produce a finish like that you're more than qualified to tackle my gross bathroom. 

Then today, superhero #2 arrived.  My super awesome electrically talented friend Adam stopped by to put up my light fixtures.  (Do you remember Adam?)  The light fixtures that have sat in boxes in my foyer for oh....about 3000 years.  He had them up in a jiffy....and I fell over from swooning.  I was only a moderate amount of help due to the fact I spent most of the time staring in delight at the beautiful fixtures against the beautiful ceiling.   

This was the first beautiful girl to go up.  And even lights up! 

Oh....soooooo.....pretttyyyyyy.  The fixture above the stove is a smaller size than the next two...... 

Hello big beautiful ladies.  You provide the prettiest light....can't wait for dark to really try you out. 

What a happy light family.  And a happy Jen.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bulkheads Just Wanna Have Fun

On Day 3 of our journey through the kitchen details I'll show you the north wall.  This wall isn't ENTIRELY finished...a couple teeny things to finish....but I wanted to show you one of my favorites.  So as we can see....this is the before.  (Gosh, I hope you didn't think that was the after. ;-)   

For matter of budget, effort, basically not wanting to mess with them, I kept our cabinets intact. I painted them bright white with some super duper paint my paint store guy recommended.  Truly, it will change your life if you use it. (but I'm too lazy to go to the basement to get the name of it....if you'd like the name jingle me.)  I changed all the hardware...all brushed nickel bin pulls and handles now.  Loves them.  But before we get to all that....take a look up there at the bulkhead.  From the day we moved in it looked gross, dirty, spackley...yuck.   

SOOO....I decided to make it fun.  Bulkheads just wanna have fun.  And what is more fun than a chalkboard I ask you?  Not too much I say.  Now I realize this will not float everyone's boat.  You may look at it with a lemon face and say oooh, why would she do something weird like that?  I love it, that's why.  I can change what it says every five minutes if I so desire....and I have a thing for words....and only so much space in my house for more signs.   Or I can draw Christmas trees on it....or attempt to chalk any number of the amazing things that Michael draws on his chalkboards like this or this or this.

Love the black against the white.

Today it says "All good things are wild, and free."  It's Henry David Thoreau being a genius. 
Just think if we were all a tad more wild and free.  Glorious.

I wish you could all smell those roses on the counter right now.  Heavenly. 
Nothing like an old fashioned rose plucked from the yard. 

Yep, I'm loving it. You might want to go wild and give it a try.  It's only paint.

The littles discussed the quote.  Big brother whispered to little brother "I think she's talking about us."  :-)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

East Wall...How I Love Thee

These before and after posts are kinda fun.  Not just KINDA fun....they are a whole
whoppin' lug of fun.  ;-)   The amount of work this kitchen remodel took is sort of overwhelming me when I look back through the photos.  Thank goodness it was the kitchen and not some unused bedroom that I could shut the door on and walk away for the next 47 years.  I would a heartbeat...done that about 2, 298 times during this process.  It was hard.  I will say, however, that I am proud of myself.  I'm proud of what I did with my own two hands and sheer willpower.  I think too often too many women see their only worth in what the scale says, what brand of makeup they can afford to purchase or where their purses come from.  Certainly not all women (and BOY do I ever know some amazing women!!  Future post I think)....but too many women.  DO something amazing that you didn't think you could do...make a difference in the world.  Okay, end of soapbox.   ON TO THE FUN STUFF!!!!

The process was messy.  The first night my husband offered to help (because he loves me).  And I was an emotional wreck after discovering just HOW MUCH work this was going to take.  You might notice this is the last time the hubster appears in the photos....he's a smart man...that stayed FAR AWAY from my insane project. LOL

The day I took this photo I could not believe the progress I was making.  Now it makes me get a little sick in my mouth.  OMG, what was I thinking?  Crazy girl syndrome., should be in an institute kind of crazy. 

But oh was it worth it.  I'm actually getting teary.  Look at my beautiful baby.  Every nail, every drop of paint, every bit of measuring and was me.  The ceiling, that was Rich....and worth every stinkin' penny....the ceiling will get an entire post of its own. It's that awesome.  The bamboo blind...that was my dad.  He rocks.   Have I mentioned?  If a project involves leveling, I leave it to him.  Clearly I'm not on the level. ;-)

And look how pretty Becky's fruit bowl looks with the blinds. 

And from this angle....pretty fruit bowl, half naked little, cool vintage fan...gotta move some air around here. 

Hello beautiful.  Welcome to my kitchen.  You shall keep us cool for years to come.  I shall go collapse now.
Bulkhead detail're gonna love this one.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Ceiling...Can it really be?

This little hole started it all.   IT. ALL.   A year-ish ago I got a wild hair, as I tend to do frequently. (Sorry babe.)  I wondered what might be hiding above the dropped ceiling in our kitchen. It started innocently enough...I took down the drop in the expose a BEADBOARD ceiling.  It was a joyous occassion.    That project went SO great that I decided...... just take a TEENSY WEENSY peak at what was above the ceiling of the kitchen proper.  Soooo....I poked a little hole....that got a little bit bigger....until it was big enough to squeeze my camera up inside the drop ceiling..... take a picture of this.  Between the drop ceiling and the original ceiling there was approximately 40 tons of blown-in insulation.  Dirty, filthy, dusty, yucky insulation. 

But, being of the insane variety that i am now sure I am, I proceeded on.  Shoveling the insulation onto the floor as I went.

Thing were promising.  My vision was to take down the ENTIRE drop ceiling....the drywall layer, the fiber board layer, then all the framework that comprised the drop.

I worked and worked, devising a strategy as I went.....FYI, if you take ONE layer down at a time it's much easier.

I made an enormous mess (and cleaned it all up).....everynight.....for about two weeks.  I think I may have died and been reincarnated...because I have no idea how I survived. 

THEN....after all those days of work I came to THIS.  GIANT, GAPING, TEAR INDUCING, HOLES in the original ceiling.  Our kitchen has its own roof...a roof I never wanted to see from the UNDER side.  From as far as I can discern, a genius home improver before myself had crawled into the little crawl space above the kitchen, broke huge holes in the original plaster and lathe to allow for the blown in insulation to migrate in between the two layers of ceiling.   Broken.  Huge broken holes.  This discovery took years off my life, for reals. 

What do I do now? I asked myself.  The only real solution is to replace the ceiling, as is, on the framework of the drop.  I was okay with that...sorta.  I REALLY wanted it to be back to its original height...but alas, it was not meant to be.  So I put up some plastic to contain the bits that kept falling from the ceiling as I was cooking.... 

Fixed the gaping holes with small pieces of drywall.  Wow, that was not fun to do alone.  I still really can't even talk about it....that's how traumatizing it was. ;-)  Insulated and insulated and insulated. 

This VERY morning, this is how my kitchen looked.  Cabinets lookin' primo with new paint and dishwasher installed....walls beadboarded and painted, trim replaced and painted, new sink, faucet and countertops installed,  floor coming along.....but no ceiling.  It's been a year.

Oh yeah, and then there was the little ReStore cabinet redo....that was a proud moment. 

THEN, two super heros arrived and saved the day.  Zach and Rich did, in about three hours, what I had waited for...for what seemed like an eternity.  I had tried to hire another contractor to do the job....but he blew me off after saying he'd show up on Thursday (about 50 Thursdays ago)...and was never heard from again.  Just so happened the gals at Mill Creek were talking about Rich doing drywall...and I was all over that like white on rice.  Local, honest, hardworking, trustworthy Rich was going to come to my rescue.

Look at that baby.  A ceiling.   A real ceiling. 

Prefill done today....tape and mud tomorrow.  Oh joyous tape and mud.  And look at those shoe thingies....that takes skills.  Balance and looking up at the ceiling and carrying around the little muddy tray....skills.

Paint by the weekend.  Then comes the fun part......accessories! 
Lights, bamboo blinds, shelves....oh I can't wait.
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