Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iowa Girl

First....do I really qualify as a "girl" anymore? I guess not, but forever in my own mind I can be, right? If I am a girl, I'm an Iowa Girl for sure. That includes all the trappings of rural life, minus the farm I suppose. I enjoy being home, raising my children, taking care of "the homestead", growing a garden....and then comes the fun part...."putting up" the produce.

I love that term. "Putting up" the vegetables. It makes me think of 1930's Iowa farm wives in full aprons shelling peas on the lawn. I don't necessarily adore the process, but the results are fantastic. Pulling out a quart of homegrown, homecanned tomatoes in the dead of winter to make a pot of chili....there's nothing like it. It's sort of sad though to think how far away from this way of life so many of my peers have strayed. Levi even had a man he works with stand dumbfounded at the idea that a person could "can" anything in their own kitchen. Maybe that's part of what is wrong with society...we can't rely on someone else to provide everything for us...that includes the food we put on our table. For an investment of $20 in seeds I will have a freezer and pantry full of more vegetables and fruits than I can use in a year.

So if the economy goes completely coput and you're starving to death, come on over.

I've got a nice shovel and some leftover seeds I'll borrow ya.


  1. This could be the new welfare plan. Instead of giving people checks, give them some seeds, a shovel and a little square of space. If you want cigarettes and beer I guess you better figure out how to grow tabacco and brew beer.

  2. Of course it always helps if you have:

    a) A yard
    b) Good Iowa soil
    c) Consistent Rainfall

    All of which are severely lacking in most of New Mexico. ;-) I probably spent well over $20 yesterday for a couple weeks worth vegatables. Damn.

  3. a)a pot
    b)a bag of potting soil
    c)a big watering can

    Next spring we'll come to visit you and I'll bring you some tomato plants. ;-)


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