Friday, April 24, 2009

Adventures in the Hairy Shed

As Clancey napped, Marsh and I headed out to the garden this AM....nothing like digging in the compost pile for a little fun. ;-) Anyway, we stopped by the garden shed first to pick up the required toolage. Marsh needed a rake, I a fork. Marsh made his way to the rear of the shed to retrieve said rake when all of the sudden a great commotion rose from his voice saying "There is hair all over me. I'm covered in hair!" Not completely paying attention I replied "Oh really, hair?"

Now I'm paying attention. "Hair? How did you get covered in hair?" By this time he is battling his way back out of the shed yelling "I'm covered in SHED HAIR!!!!"

Cobwebs, for those of us not familiar with shed hair.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Little World Traveler

Yesterday we had snacks in the component being pretzel sticks. Marshall, being Marshall, arranged his pretzels on the table as shown. Our conversation follows.

Mommy: Wow Marsh, your pretzels look like an E...good job!

Marshall: Or Stonehenge.

What a kid.

Hood Ornament Hugs

OOOOOOHHH i love these (and so do Mema's)....the kind of hug that starts in the hood ornament pose...then the little gleeful hood ornament runs toward you at full speed and wraps his little arms around your neck in a power hug. Hooray for hood ornament hugs. :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deep Breath....Exhale.

Spring is here....with flowers from little boys and all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love this photo...receiving line of our wedding...the expression on my face the result of an entirely inappropriate joke from a beloved wedding guest....just gotta love those kind of guys.

Yesterday was a day of observation...the weather was warm, sunny and welcoming. The boys galloped around the front yard for hours as I held my chin with my hands, elbows on my knees, sitting on the front steps....thinking. I'd made lots of observatiosn throughout the day, thinking I needed to start writing them all down. So that's what I did.

1) Marsh and I met in the hallway in the wee (no pun intended) hours of the morning. Our paths intersected as we met at the doorway to the powder room. Marsh, wiggling, squirming, doing the widely known "pee pee dance" realized why I was headed in the same direction. To that he says (his discomfort written all over his face) "Mommy, girls go first, go ahead." I could have died and gone to heaven right then. I've done my job.

2) Clancey's hair is turning a wonderful light auburn color...the color of autumn leaves.

3) Marsh said to me in the afternoon, "Sometimes I just need some alone time." Don't we all.

4) On our way home from Cedar Rapids and a visit to our favorite MD a song filled the Durango..."You know who I am, who I'm not and who I want to be." Dedicated to you Levi.

5) Saying hello to strangers often results in very odd expressions. That's not how it was when I was growing up. This is Iowa darnit, say hello on the sidewalk! This may be why "strangers" no longer feel small towns are friendly.

6) My youngest offspring feels that all of the wild kingdom should share in his love and kisses. Sorry to the robins who were chased endlessly around the yard....he really does love you and wanted to kiss you on your pointy little beaks.

7) I checked out the third book in the Twilight series from the library...I couldn't wait to purchase it in paperback. Naughty Mommy.

8) Sometimes opportunities come out of the blue, but are the answer to every creative dream one holds in their heart.

9) I've learned a lot from 12 years in a committed, happy relationship with a husband who is unflappable even under excruciating circumstances. 12 years together ~ 12 solid years ~ no breaks, breakups, separations or divorces ~ 12 solid. That means something. 12 of lockstep strides, never one walking slightly ahead or behind the other. I'm lucky.

Friday, April 3, 2009

His 17 Year Old Mother

This little gem came home with Marsh this week. My five year old thinks I am 17. God bless him. This week Levi and I have had discussion several times about our it doesn't seem possible we are approaching our mid-thirties, how we have been together for (gasp) 12 YEARS, how the little lines on our faces seem to be sticking around lately (bothers Levi far more than myself) and that our little guy is headed into the world next fall....kindergarten.

The conversation began after Levi and Marsh were purusing an old photo album from our college days one night while I was at a meeting. Marshall didn't recognize me. He said my hair was down (translation: long) and I looked young. I don't think I look older...until I see photos. I'm okay with aging, I'm even okay with getting old. We have a delightful nearly-100 year old neighbor who adores life, but embraces the fact that her time is coming to a close on earth. Everytime I speak with her she makes me feel effervescent, as if I am the most special human on the planet, and that she appreciates that from me and for me. I hope I age that way...loving life and those around me so much that they can feel it palpably.

But hey, I don't need to worry yet....I'm only 17.
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