Monday, October 24, 2011

It's POTTY Time!

I will say, this post seems a little like cruel and unusual punishment for you fine readers.  I get all lazy-pants on posting lately...and the first thing I come up with is a potty post.  That's how I roll folks.  Three men = need for two potties. This is a big deal-e-o around these parts.   First, have a look-see at my plumber up there.  It's always great to see means progress will happen.  Thankyoulord. 

And no plumber butt is ever involved....double bonus.

It's alllllmmmmmoooooossssttttt time.

She's in!   Water flowing.  Flushable.  She's a beaut.  Look at those beautiful square lines. 
Now this is a potty. 
A pretty potty.

Here's the deets if you're interested....because I know this post was riveting. ;-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pots for Sale

I have A.LOT. of catching up to do.  I blogged a total of 1.5 times over the summer....and SO MUCH happened!  To kick off catch up week we'll take a look at a recent sign!  My friend Becky ,of Willow Avenue Pottery ,asked me to paint another sign for her.  Do you remember the first?  One of my favorites.

  This time she asked for a sign to help folks realize the pots in her studio are FOR SALE...not just shelf decoration. ;-)  We played around with some ideas....and landed here.  Becky was so sweet to share the sign photo on which her first response was, "I feel like I can get a hot shave next door! And a nickle root beer!" 

That was a HUGE compliment....that's exactly what we were going for!!

Becky and I don't deal in dollars.  We deal in pottery.  The first sign netted me a GORGEOUS. CUSTOM. GIGANTO fruit bowl.  I love it.  I fill it with fruit and take lots of photos of it.  I protect it from crazy boys.  I proudly tell the story of the fruit bowl everytime someone asks...and sometimes when they don't. ;-)  NOW, my fruit bowl has friends!!   Matching friends to be exact.  Two pretty tumblers and a beautiful deep little bowl.  Becky is a master with the glaze....she creates the most amazing finishes.

Right now Becky is busy with the fall harvest here in Iowa....but the snow will fly soon and she'll be back in the studio.  EVERYONE needs a piece of Willow Avenue pottery for Christmas.  Just sayin'.

You can check out Becky on Facebook

her blog

or her website!
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