Friday, April 24, 2009

Adventures in the Hairy Shed

As Clancey napped, Marsh and I headed out to the garden this AM....nothing like digging in the compost pile for a little fun. ;-) Anyway, we stopped by the garden shed first to pick up the required toolage. Marsh needed a rake, I a fork. Marsh made his way to the rear of the shed to retrieve said rake when all of the sudden a great commotion rose from his voice saying "There is hair all over me. I'm covered in hair!" Not completely paying attention I replied "Oh really, hair?"

Now I'm paying attention. "Hair? How did you get covered in hair?" By this time he is battling his way back out of the shed yelling "I'm covered in SHED HAIR!!!!"

Cobwebs, for those of us not familiar with shed hair.

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