Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Little World Traveler

Yesterday we had snacks in the component being pretzel sticks. Marshall, being Marshall, arranged his pretzels on the table as shown. Our conversation follows.

Mommy: Wow Marsh, your pretzels look like an E...good job!

Marshall: Or Stonehenge.

What a kid.


  1. If my kids are anywhere close to as smart as yours I will be more than pleased.

  2. Okay, I probably could have left a comment on every single post, but I'm trying to restrain myself.

    But I read on the 1st day of kdg. post that Marshall was frustrated because he'd already learned some things. And now, Stonehenge? (And gravity, too?)

    I can't make an official diagnosis (I say that like it's a disease or's NOT) but I think you have a gifted child on your hands. I'm working on my TAG endorsement this year and will be teaching TAG next year. If you ever have questions or need advice, feel free to email! I just have a feeling that a pre-kindergardener who knows about Stonehenge is going to get a little bored in "traditional" school (which typically doesn't challenge gifted students). I hope he has great teachers who can keep him motivated and excited about learning, as you obviously have!


I kinda love comments, who doesn't? Nice comments. Only. I'm picky that way. ;-)

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