Monday, August 31, 2009

My Guy

My guy. The start of the kindergarten year has been one of excitement and anxiety...for all of us. Each day seems to get a little easier for Marsh. Today was a tough one though....he got off the bus and told me it had been a "goodish-bad day". Good because he got to see all his new friends. Bad because he really started to miss Mommy.
Mommy misses him too.
I keep telling myself, and him, that this is how we grow as people, as part of the great unknown. I could clutch him to my side for the next forseeable future, but what good would that do him? He's growing as a person and I'm learning that it's okay for him to grow as a person....without me. I think it will take a few months for either of us to feel that this new role is natural and comfortable and I told my guy today....I think it would be weird if we didn't miss each other.

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