Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beautiful Euphona

She's home! Thanks to a couple big strong guys, Nick and Levi (and a piano dolley. A MUST) ...this beautiful piano is now a part of our home and family.

After nearly four hours of extracting the piano from the previous owner's home, driving 40 miles and hefting it onto the porch and into the house.....

The piano has found it's new home. The spot we chose for it looks like this is what it was missing all along. It fits just perfect between the porch side door and pocket door leading to the living room.
Isn't she beautiful? I could stare at this piano all day. The stories it could tell.

I can't stop touching the keys....thinking of all the talented fingers that have played this piano for a hundred years. This piano just exudes history.

I'm even in love with the typography of the labels.

And oh how I wish the "player" worked.....we're checking into that. Thanks Michael!

I tried to get a photo of a name that is written inside the piano in has a date of Januay 3, 1926...possibly the date of a tuning? We'll probably never know. But it adds to the story of this piano's life.

A few photos for Michael, of The Antique Piano Shop.
We're very curious about the potential for our old beauty.

The number of levers and knobs and little doors on this piano are fascinating.

More levers and knobs on the underside.
And there she is....our beautiful Euphona. Maureen (the 85 year old former owner) told Levi this was her mother's piano and that it had been imported from Germany in 1916. I'm curious about that, as it was manufactured in Chicago (in 1914 we're told). Could it have been exported and then re-imported? Hmm....
I also found out from the guys that as they were loading the piano into the truck, Maureen got teary. I am going to send her a photo of the piano in it's new home and ask her to write down it's I am it's new caretaker. I'll take good care of her Maureen.


  1. Cool piano. It reminds me of the one we got rid of last winter, except yours is in better condition. Those things are heavy beasts! Hope you enjoy the music over the years.


  2. Very cool! Mine is shaped the same and about as old, but not a player. Don't you just wish they could talk? Love your house too!

  3. What a treasure! It is a little sad but mostly sweet that the lady cried...knowing that you now own something that someone else cherished so much has to make it seem more valuable to you, in a way.


  4. It looks perfect there. Love it and love the history.

    And, I adore players. Some of my earliest memories are choosing the music for my uncle's player piano. He had hundreds of choices and I remember loving it.

    Enjoy your new family member.

  5. That is great! we got a piano from a friend, and oldie too. I think it was from 1894, manufactured in Boston and living here in Colorado ever since. We are the second 'family' to own it. I love it. Enjoy!!

  6. looks great in the space and I love all the history and the fun of learning more about it. Enjoy it!


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