Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kitchen Garden

I have now accomplished something I never thought possible....I have planted EVERY seed and EVERY plant I acquired this spring. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. For many of you this may sound silly, but when balancing a trillion things all at once, a few seed packets tend to slip by the wayside...or rather, you're so exhausted they just sit in the seed box until July and you give up on them.

BUT, not this year my friends. NO SIR EEEE. My "kitchen" garden is now planted and looking darn cute if I do say so. This completes EVERY seed I ordered.

Basil, spinach and coriander in here. I started by putting a few pieces of rip rap in the bottom of the washbasin, covered it with burlap, then soil.

Do you recognize the washbasin?
I talked about it WAAAY back last fall. And it looked awfully pretty then.

Then I planted the "legless" washbasin with dill and parsley. Same deal, riprap, burlap, soil. And we can't forget the garden markers I can't stop making.....I just need my family to drink more juice!

This is the former life of that washbasin.......burrrrrrrrr. (It's hiding right there beside the sled and frozen greenery.) Pretty too......but oh how I am enjoying the WARMTH!


  1. I LOVE THAT WASH BASIN... so much that it made me yell at you. It's official, I'm buying a basin this weekend. (Which reminds me, we're going to junkin'/yard salin' on Saturday. LeClaire is having an American Pickers weekend. Wanna mee me?)

  2. Cute little garden! I love those stakes you've made. Where did you get your stamping kit? Using those lids is such a neat idea!

    Oh, are you having a garage sale? Hannah and I are planning on going to Clarence's sales as long as it's not raining.


  3. Congrats! I seem to have a few seed packets that slip through the cracks each year too! Very impressive of you to get them all planted this year. Guess you were a gal on a mission!

    Your washbasin has so many jobs! Such a multi-tasker and looking darn adorable too!


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