Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ReStore SCORE! Signs for EVERYONE!

An appointment "in the city" is always reason enough to visit the ReStore.  It's just business, honey.  And I got this WHOLE pile of goodness for $17.  Six quarts of exterior paint colors, one quart of magnetic primer (I'm just curious to try this stuff for myself), four cupboard doors ready to become "vintage" signs, three pieces of PERFECTLY aged wood.....

.....THEN, these thingies, there on the right....those were FREE.  Three of them.  At first I was thinking signs....but then.....another idea.  Coming to an Etsy store near you very soon. I might have to keep one for myself if they turn out like I am hoping. :-) 

Oh....and the awesome metal basket.  Perfect to carry home all my paint....will soon find its new home holding all those reusable shopping bags that are laying on the floor of my kitchen closet.

I needed to stop at Home Depot while in the city as well....and just  happened to notice the price of magnetic primer....HOLY SCHNIKERS.  My $2 quart is looking pretty good right now.


  1. WOW! Total steal!! Impressive. Can't wait to see what you create!

  2. What a haul, good shopping.

  3. I have a quart of green chalkboard paint. My MIL used a little and I used a little. It's been in my car to get rid of for a while. Now I thought maybe you'd want it?

  4. I was thinking of you just today about signs!

    I think this summer I will try to make one that says "A Garden Isn't Complete Without Natural Fertilizer!" and then a picture of a brown bunny butt with tail and pointy ears with a little pile of bunny poo (which look like cocoa puffs). I have an indoor chocolate dutch rabbit and since she is ~such~ a herbivore she 'makes' the best fertilizer - my tomato plants last year reached 9 feet!

    Awesome deals on the raw sign items!


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