Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well Hello There Loveys

What the.....what?  I know, right?  I'm POSTING.'s a small piece of miracle.  Okay, maybe a large piece of miracle.  How ya'll been?  We only have oh.....400,000 months to catch up on...yes?  I think everyone goes through this, right?  You go along fine for a while, thinking of lots of things to talk about, yammering endlessly.  Then, whammo.  You hit the wall.  Or in my case, I got busy as H-E-double hockey sticks!!  I haven't been brave enough to count how many signs I painted before Christmas.  Seriously folks, it was crazy.  Then I landed my lil ole self in the hospital...I'm fine....but don't overdo it ladies (and gentlemen)...stress catches up with your body.  

Our elf, Elfy, kept us company all through December.  I kinda wish our bathroom sink was bigger...who wouldn't want to take a marshmallow bath with a guy from the North Pole?  Okay that sounded weird.  
Think of it in a "non weird" way.

Anywho, the sign painting has been going along swimmingly.  I have lots of favorites from this year that I'll share soon....there are a bajillion. 

And my friends....seriously??!!  My friends are having knockout years....while I've been not blogging, they've been lighting up the night sky!  Did you hear that my dear Loo Who (Michael from Inspired by Charm) was published in a REAL LIFE magazine!!  Shut up, you say?  No, really!  Awesome, right??  If you haven't seen Folk you must run out into the street THIS MINUTE and find a copy.  I'm going to stalk my favorite flower farmer until her shipment comes in...then I'm on it like white on rice.  I mean, he's so famous now that I feel like a groupie. Okay, who am I kidding....I'm a Loo Who groupie. You rock Michael!!  
Remember the little people. ;-)

Then there's my friend Kim...yeah you know her....Kim at The NewlyWoodwards.   She's awesome all on her own...I mean really? Anyone who can set monthly goals and actually accomplish them...crazy.  But then she goes and gets herself in the FAMILY WAY!!  Shut up, you say?  No, really!!  Kim is going to have a BEEBEE!!  And that beebee will undoubtedly reside in the snazziest room, with the snazziest jammies, with snazzy stuff to do.  All made by my Kim.

And if I don't feel sluggy and boring friend CATHY goes and gets her flower farm  listed with Silos and Smokestacks!!!!   That's a big deal folks.  BIG.  STINKIN'.  DEAL.

And , well,  everyone else has been up to all kinds of cool stuff too.....==================>

I can't promise I'll be all bloggy everyday...but I promise to try harder!  See ya soon!


  1. oh dear friend! you've been missed in blogland. welcome back. and don't worry about the break. i completely, completely understand!!

    and you are so sweet for the shout out and kind words. it honestly almost brought tears to my little loo who eyes. thank you.

  2. This went and got me all teary. You are such a wonderful friend. Glad you are back. Missed ya.

  3. Well It's about time. I have been looking and looking. So glad your back again.


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