Monday, February 20, 2012

The Lonely Orphaned Sign

Hey folks!  Look, I'm still here!  Not much, but once in a while. ;-)   Onion Grove Mercantile is going a little crazy now....crazytown crazy.  A few pins by my magical  friend named Michael and I've been catapulted into the sign stratosphere....and let me tell you, it's a darn fun place to orbit!  Busy place, thus the lack of attention to poor ole Notes From the Heartland.  I've been learning lots about to stay to keep books (sorta) to NOT dip my hair in the paint EVERY.TIME.I.PAINT...I mean, not like that happens EVERY time....okay, it happens EVERY time.

This past week brought a new lesson.  Custom work is risky....unless you demand funds up front.  This poor girl pictured above is an orphan.  Painted, ready to go, never paid for.  Lesson learned...the hard way.  

But she's so lovely, I just keep moving her around my own house.  If you're interested in seeing the rest of the non-orphaned signs I've been up to you can check them out on FACEBOOK and the O-FFIC-IAL Onion Grove Mercantile website.  Talk to you soon friends!


  1. It's really beautiful. But bummer about the custom job gone bad. How much is the sign?

  2. people suck.

    that is all.

    (expect for you. you're the best.)

  3. but by floating the sign around your house (although it is beautiful), aren't you being reminded of your own blunders (sorry)? Anything of mine that doesn't sell right away stays far out of my line of vision! Better luck next time...

  4. I love this sign! Bummer about getting stood up though.

  5. People disgust me.

    You - you, I love.

    And the sign is quite lovely.

  6. Hi, I just found your wonderful blog. I have truly enjoyed my visit here and look forward to returning.

  7. Glad to be a new follower. Found u on pintrest and am now making the Mongolian Beef! an't wait for dinner tonight- it smells delectable. u can follow me back at

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