Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Back...Maybe...Well I'll Try we are....four months later.  I have to say that I wax and wane with my interest level toward my personal blog.  Uh, we just have to look at the ole blog header up there to determine!!  It's perpetual summer here in Iowa, hadn't you heard?  I did change my profile pic...that's pretty good, right? I should really post a "real life" photo of myself next to that one.  I have look liked that one day in my life.  The  other jillion days of my life I have a pony tail, no makeup and paint splattered from stem to stern.  So, in defense of all women who are intimidated by foofoo photos of other women....this is what I REALLY look like (pre-pro makeup & hair).  Normal, normal, normalty normal.  Yay for normal. ;-)

 I had an art teacher in high school who refused to take videos of family events, or even use a camera for the most part, because he said you were missing out on LIVING life, while you were trying to CAPTURE life.  I think about that a lot.

 I enjoy reading other folks' blogs about recipes, but really don't want to take the time to take photos of every step myself.  I love seeing "before & after" shots of home projects...keep up the great work friends!  However, I tend to dive in and not take photos til my projects are finished, if even then.  SO, I'll try to do better, friends...try to plop out a blog entry once in a while, but my husband does a great job blogging about our family, mostly for the benefit of my folks and I have stayed super busy with my third baby (not really a real baby, don't go crazy).  

Onion Grove Mercantile has taken on a life of its own.  I went legit this year and even filed TAXES.  
CA-RA-ZY, right?  I feel so blessed to pursue my art and make a contribution to our family finances!  Life stays busy, our kids keep growing and we are loving every minute of it!  
I included a couple shots of some of my faves from the last few months!

Our oldest celebrated his NINTH birthday last week. Whoa.  I understand every bit of what my art teacher meant now....while you're not looking your kids will grow into little "oh look at this little baby" to BOOM! young man in a blink.

That shaggy hair makes me grin everyday. 
 This kid knows who he is, is proud of it and is a beautiful ray of light in the world.

love and light,


  1. Oh my! I can't tell you how excited I was to see you and your beautiful family pop up into my google reader again! Hi friend!

    Just remember the great thing about blogging is you can do it however you want. There is no right or wrong way. :) Be a unicorn!

    1. Yay! I'm happy to be back friend! Totally unicorning it from here on out. ;-)

  2. Yipppeeeee! Been missing your girl. Wondering what you have been up too. Looks like you haven't lost your talent in the sign making department. They are lovely.

    1. Hello friend! Happy to be back. Have to catch up with all your beautiful projects!!

  3. I have missed your blog, too, friend. And your normal look? It is beautiful. You are truly lovely inside and out.

    1.'re the sweetest. Missed the bloggy guys are all so talented!!


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