Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All Time Faves

Do you guys ever check that "stats" thingy on your blog page?  I just discovered that thingy with my Onion Grove Mercantile blog.  It's kinda cool to see which posts folks think are better than sliced bread.  I'm not going to go crazy and say any of my posts are equivalent to segmented bakery goods, but there are a few that have more than three visits.  Three is my high water mark.  I decided to check out the stat thingy over here at Notes From the Heartland too...just for kicks.  I mean it's cold, it's dark at 2pm and I have some time on my hands in between NetFlix episodes of Sons of Anarchy.  Okay, don't even pretend you can't get behind a long haired tattooed biker with a big heart.  Okay, okay, I'm NOT a fan of the gratuitous violence (I cover my eyes) but the bikers, yeah I kinda like the bikers.  There should really be a girly version of that show.  Long haired cute bikers minus the yucky blood and guts. Like, maybe they run a pet shelter and fight for the rights of pets everywhere.

I actually married a tattooed biker....wanna see?


 So I digress, back to the stat thingy.  

I thought it would be fun to review my top 5 stat thingy posts. 
 AND.....here they are.  On to to the statistical fun.

 The garden markers made from.....can you guess?  Of course you can.  Can...can....get it?  Can?  Orange juice can lids!  These are a fave.  

The dry erase project made for one of my besties.  She has five kids...and runs a cafe....and basically volunteers for everything she's ever been asked to do.  Please don't ask her to join your group, I like to go dancing with her once in a while. ;-)

This one surprised me a tad...I like these signs...love the message they deliver, but still a little surprised.  I think these puppies rode the subway sign wave that went crazy a year or two ago.

The Wallpaper potion. This will change your life. Swear.  Well, I guess it can only change your life if you have wallpaper.  Okay, I guess maybe not everyone has wallpaper anymore.  If you live in a 100 year old house like us, you'll want to send me chocolates.  For reals.

AND......I know you've been holding your breath through all that other junk.....I PRESENT NUMBER ONE!!!!  Crockpot Mongolian Beef. There.  Done.  Now I have to say, while this stuff is pretty good, I don't know that it warranted 107,679 visits.  Really, people?   Thus is the magic known as Magic Mike...heheheh...that really just made me laugh out loud.  My internet bestie (someday real life....I'm going to photobomb his upcoming trip to the Caribbean....you just watch Michael...I'm gonna be there;-) Michael of Inspired by Charm is magical.  Michael has the Midas touch when it comes to Pinterest.
 If he pins you, you'd better be prepared.  FYI.

This Mongolian Beef post is probably ready for a Caribbean vacation.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through my stat thingy!  

love and light,


  1. Aren't you the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for all the love. AND for the reminder. I really want to make that Mongolian Beef! It looks awesome.

  2. I love that Michael. He is definitely pinned extraordinaire. I always loved your garden markers so that's no surprise. Great projects all around.


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