Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Cheer, Far From Here

The Christmas cheer is flowing like the river that runs through downtown in Stoughton, Wisconsin. My dear husband and I were lucky enough to spend the entire Victorian Holiday Weekend there. (thanks mom and dad for watching the boys!!) We enjoyed time with my brother and sister-in-law, soaked in the atmosphere and contemplated how we could finagle moving here permanently! If any of you are fans of the Gilmore Girls you'll understand this reference.....we stepped into Stars Hollow for three days. Seriously. The town is full of interesting people, BEAUTIFUL architecture, a bustling historic downtown and loaded to the gills with charm. Shopowners greet you with a warm welcome, are more than attentive and made me want to return time after time. (Especially to the Catfish River Arts & Antiques where I am SERIOUSLY coveting an 1880's china hutch) Lots of towns could learn a lesson or two by visiting this is incredible, summer or winter, spring or fall. We attended a cookie walk put on the local United Methodist ladies....and were told they had already taken down SIX tables of cookies (there were four left) by the time we got there!! We're going early next year. Took a wonderful, snowy horsedrawn wagon ride through the beautiful neighborhoods and downtown. Enjoyed pizza and a movie (at the same time!!) at the Cinema Cafe. Watched the bed races, what a sight. Listened to the Stoughton Chamber Singers in their enchanting Victorian Holiday Concert, given at the restored Opera House (another beauty to behold). I forgot to mention the firetruck parade...area trucks decked out in lights, music, reindeer, snowmen....all after dark. It was dazzling.
I'm seriously addicted to Stoughton.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time here. You guys need to come up again, it was fun for us too.


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