Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ode to My Mom

This little box means so much to me. Weird to be so connected to cardboard? Not really. This little box represents how hard my mom worked for us everyday we were growing up. I didn't realize until I had my own children how hard her job was. She commuted 2 hours a day to work, did all the housework, cooking, cleaning, etc (you know what I'm talking about moms.) Then she always made holidays and birthdays so special for us. Not by spending tons of money (although she and my dad would have spent the last dime they had to make us happy), but by creating an atmosphere that made us feel special and loved and like an important person in the universe.

Enter the little box. This is the box that for over 30 years has held all the little frosting tips she used to decorate our very special birthday cakes. We could come up with ANYTHING to put on a cake and she would miraculouslly recreate it in frosting and sugar. The little box makes me remember that everytime I use it's mine and I cherish it.

My mom. Superwoman.

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