Monday, December 15, 2008

No, He's Not a Girl

We've had this problem for a while....just a month shy of five years actually. Literally EVERY time we would take Marshall out when he was a little guy of Clancey's size we would receive the following comment from some kind person. "Your little girl is so pretty." We'd grin and say thank you, not wanting to embarrass the compliment giver for mistaking our beautiful, long eye-lashed, blue-eyed male babe for a beautiful, long eye-lashed, blue-eyed female. But alas, in our efforts to save the feelings of many a stranger we felt like maybe we needed to dress him a little butchier or (gasp) cut his long silky curls (which I did do and made me cry).

Well here we are with beautiful, long eye-lashed, hazel-eyed male number two, Clancey Dylan. Frankly, yes he's picture perfect, I won't lie ;-). However, I think he looks pretty much BOY. Nope, we are having issues once again. Just the other day at the doctor's office the nurse said "this is HER second flu shot, correct?" Yep, is all I said to defend my gender-bending off-spring. The nurse came back into the room with the shot and said "I'm so sorry I called him a girl, he's just so beatuiful that I thought he was a she."

Now, regarding the outfit shown....even Marshall said "Mommy that makes him look like a girl." Then Levi "Jen that makes him look like a girl." Okay it does. Check this one off the list to wear in public.

Sorry boys, you're just too pretty. My little heartbreakers in the making.

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