Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Gift for Our Favorite Teacher

Do you ever have those moments of self realization when your mind bends around the concept that you are, indeed, a total ignoramus? A moment of pure "I must have lived under a rock with a pair of REALLY fuzzy earmuffs on for a little too long?" That is precisely where I found myself upon realizing that gifts are bequeathed to Sunday School teachers (of which I am one for the first time this year) during the holidays. This realization came about 2 years too late to save my poor child from the embarrassment of NOT BRINGING A GIFT to his teachers the past two years he's been in Sunday School. Because of his ignoramus, rock abiding mother, he didn't bring a gift. an effort to remedy said embarrassment I was determined to set things right when it came to his KINDERGARTEN teacher. We were going to come up with something special for his very special teacher. And here we go......

The journal jar. A cute little idea found over at Inspired PaperTreyInk
I copied it, I admit it...or at least the best I could without the fancy kit and paper, etc, etc. I'm a DIY girl dontcha know?

In the jar's former life it held a FABULOUS mustard from the Mustard Museum in Mt. Horeb, WI.....but I digress.

The jar is filled with little curly pieces of paper (A LOT of curly pieces of paper, so many in fact I'm a little nervous that upon opening said jar for the first time Mrs. S may have been doused by an exploding array of tiny curly papers) with a question or something to think about for a journal entry...most were focused on a teacher's made you want to become a teacher? etc.

Matching journal.

All packaged up and ready to deliver.

Someday I'll catch on to all my motherly duties. Slowly but surely.

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  1. This is beautiful, Jen. How did you come up with the questions?

    I love that it's all matching. You MORE than made up for forgetting the last few years. =) And, now I'll just try to remember that Sunday School teachers receive gifts when we have kiddos.


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