Thursday, December 3, 2009

Glitter, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I love Santa. Who doesn't love Santa? Apparently Hancock Fabrics doesn't love Santa. Okay, maybe that's too harsh...I'm sure they love him....just not if he has a booboo. As I was shopping my big three (Goodwill, REstore, Hancock) one Saturday not too long ago I came across this little guy. There was a nick in the base (nothing a little Sharpie action couldnt fix) and the last S was hanging on by a sliver (again, nothing a little glue couldn't fix) I thought it was cute and for $2, it was definitely going in my cart....well first I put it back on the shelf, thinking I don't really need this....then cruised around the store a little more....then rushed back, hoping no one had snatched up my gem and clutched it to myself like a thief in the night. THEN I SAW THE ORIGINAL PRICE! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS PEOPLE! Okay, first of all, who spends $25 on stuff like this? Seriously? So that is a savings of what? 963%? I don't know, my math guy is at work right now. But it was a deal.
So it came home, sat in the basement a couple weeks....then it hit me! Glitter!! Blogland is all abuzz with glitter these days and I hadn't actually used glitter since...hmm.....4th grade maybe? I'm addicted...seriously addicted. I'll be adding glitter to my list for comes in so many beautiful colors.....and Queen Martha has a line of glitter at Michael's that is TO.DIE.FOR. End of story.
Isn't it pretty now!
Santa also wanted to hang with the books....and away from little hands that LOVE SANTA!!! Especially sparkly glam Santa. :-)


  1. How did I miss this before? I love what glitter can do!!! =) It's such a magic item.

    And, ps - we DIDN'T get a snow day. Annoying, right? I just wanna stay in flannel pjs and drink cocoa, but no. =)

  2. Good idea! I'm posting tomorrow on a wood + glitter project, so check it out then. Nice work!


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