Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We'll Call Him Bob

This is what happens when a thrifty gal wraps gifts all afternoon, runs out of four rolls of wrapping paper and has four empty tubes staring at her. The tubes say to this thrifty gal, "We would look great as tall skinny fabric covered Christmas trees. We just need a little help from the glue gun and about seventy bajillion strips of assorted fabrics."

I answered the call and here we have it. The tree we call Bob. Bob needs friends I've decided....maybe a Joe and a Frank....Bob needs a medium friend and a small friend. Green and brown friends to be exact. Hoping to have these friends done in the next few days.....maybe I'll even (GASP!!!) post a tutorial.

Happy wrapping! :-)


  1. Cute idea! I have 2 sons that are allergic to Christmas trees and one that has high levels of lead so that keeps us from artificial. Now a fabric tree.. that is something I haven't thought of!

  2. I love this! You are so clever. I clearly missed it before Christmas, but a tutorial is a necessity. Did you make him friends?


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