Monday, February 22, 2010

In The Pocket

Four pocket doors....that's what we got with our house. If I count EACH door individually....two big openings really....but I like to embellish. ;-) I've thought a lot about all the people who have slid these doors open and closed...and for what what seasons...and what little treasures have rolled, slid or been pushed through the openings in the wall. In fact we've laid on our bellies with flashlights trying to peer in. Marbles and dust...that's mostly what we saw. Then there is the wall thickness that emcompasses a pocket door...I think those walls must hold up our WHOLE house. They are thick.
My pocket doors charm me. I can't help it.


  1. I love pocket doors! My parents had them installed when they put an addition on their house so that my grandma could move in. She has arthritis, and the pocket doors make moving from room to room a breeze! You're lucky to have them :)


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