Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning...Here I Come!!

Yes, this is how our den looks RIGHT NOW. Ugh. I'm keeping it real people.
I can't take it A.N.Y.M.O.R.E. Winter, dust, clutter...shall I go on? Spring Cleaning (yes it's a proper noun) is about to start at the VanOort homestead. We've been ill....all of us....for about a week now. When you're sick you sit. When you sit you look around. When you look around you notice all the annoying things you didn't notice all winter because you were running through the house at mockspeed trying to get everything done everyday.
Do you know what I noticed? Dust. Clutter. Decor that has been In.The.Same.Place for five years.
It's all going! I have had enough. I'm ready for a spring spruce up!!
Watch out boys, Momma's making a list and checking it twice!
Deep cleaning, decluttering, fresh pillows....HURRAY!!!
We are going to welcome spring with a fresh, clean house!

Am I the only person with shelf OCD? Why are all the books tipped over?
Why is that stack just sitting there without being sorted?
Because it was winter and nobody cared. I CARE NOW!!!

And the steps. The steps that take four unplugs, replugins for the vacuum to reach every spot. (Okay that's an takes two) Do you think that happens in the winter? It doesn't. There are 63 steps in our house...yes I counted. Even the attic stairs are annoying me.
They should be clean, they're not. They.Will. Be.
They need to be painted. They're not. They.Will.Be.
This is what a long Iowa winter does to a stay at home mom...too much time spent inside four walls (four beautiful walls that I am VERY thankful for, mind you).
The list is growing and I'm going to tackle it like a 300 pound linebacker!


  1. You go girl! I am hearing you!! I can't believe the amount of dust we have in the house... I thought it would s-l-o-w down in the winter... but NO! Snow is covering all the dirt... so where is this dust coming from? It is driving me nuts!! :)

  2. Good Luck!

    I need to do this also. It will be great to get it done before it's nice outside and I want to garden.

  3. Best of luck! I love your shelves, I don't remember seeing that room before. I love the storage containers at the bottom.


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