Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stay Home Saturday

If big messes give you the heeby all means LOOK AWAY NOW!!! As part of my Spring Cleaning Frenzy I started with our bedroom today. The boys were headed to a car show, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to deep clean. My husband (otherwise known as Hurricane Levi) isn't big for keeping the blankets neat and tidy. He jokes that I could delicately lift the blankets at night, slide in, sleep in one place without an iota of movement, wake in the morning, again delicately lift the blanket, slide out and nary a soul would know I'd ever slept there. He, on the otherhand, resembles a force of nature while he sleeps...there's nothing "still" about him. God love him.

See that very fancy box against the wall....that's my start on downsizing our closet/drawers. It's headed for Goodwill very soon. Not attractive to look at, nor to trip over every day. There's a pile of ironing under the purple sweater is peaking out of the dresser...oh what a mess.

Now we can have a collective sigh of relief. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. That's better. I decided to spare you the "in process" cleaning photos. The mattress was toppled from it's perch, I washed everything that would hold still, vaccuumed until there wasn't a fleck of a speck of dust in it, dusted and dusted and dusted. I also replaced one of the side tables with a match from downstairs.

Then I added a little life to the room.....the prehistoric philodendron from our foyer came upstairs for a bit. There's nothing like a little green to make the room feel fresh as ever. This philodendron has been in our family for nearly 40 years!! Do you have plants that have been around forever? My mom has a christmas cactus that belonged to her's approximately 70 years old. Cool, huh?
One room down....10 to go. Oh....I guess that doesn't count the basement rooms....well...
we'll start with the ten. ;-)

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  1. What a difference! Even though I am the messy one, clean rooms just have a calming effect (don't let the hubby know I admitted that!)


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