Sunday, March 20, 2011

Willow Avenue Pottery Sign..REVEAL

After being a tease, I can finally reveal Becky's sign!  I had the honor of meeting Becky, of Willow Avenue Pottery, yesterday.  She is delightful.  The grand opening of Willow Avenue Pottery is April 9th, and if you are anywhere near central Iowa you simply must stop out and see her amazing pottery.  Oh...and she's also hosting a giveaway right now on her don't want to miss that!

I love how this sign turned out.  I can't believe the good fortune I had several weekends ago at the ReStore.  This piece of wood practically jumped into my cart, screaming "I'M FOR BECKY!!".  Perfect size, perfect distressing, yay!   There are lots of distressing techniques for new wood, but nothing compares to aged distressed wood...the kind that happens by accident.  ALSO, this wonderful blue green background paint color hopped off the shelf at the ReStore too.  Sometimes you really have to dig through the paint pile to find the good stuff.  Wear your dirty clothes, bring a paint can opener and don't be shy. 

The sign will soon be going up in Becky's window....I'll be sure to link you to that! 
Thanks again for your patronage Becky!!


  1. Again and Again you amaze me!!!!!

  2. I Looooove my new sign! I can't wait to get it up in the window. Brian held it up in the window today for me to look at from the outside and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much! :)

  3. "We don't make mistakes, just a happy little accident." ~ Bob Ross

    I love that sign! And your posts are always a great read! <3

  4. You have such a talent, Jen. I love the colors, the size, the font. It's just gorgeous.

  5. yay! woot. woot!

    i just love it! did you ever post a link to your etsy shop? i must have missed it!

    i'm going to check it out one of these days and when i save a lil money i'm totally ordering one of your signs and will proudly hang it in one of my rooms!

    i'm amazed at your talent and one of your signs is totally on my 'must have' list!

    hope your weekend went ok....

  6. Love the sign. You always do such a great job. I love the color. Yea girl!

  7. Beautiful, I love the simplicity and the colors!


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