Friday, October 31, 2008

Rocker Boy

This Halloween Marsh decided he wanted to be a ROCK STAR! Ok, that sounds good....what kind of a rockstar? Not a silly one, he tells me, after googling "rock star costume" and seeing the millionth interpretation of Fat Elvis. He wants to be COOL. Ok, that sounds good....the problem is most "rock stars" nowadays would be hard to spot in a crowded room. ;-) They wear jeans, t-shirts...the normal getup of any 15-35 year old man. Now how do we make this a little jazzier for Halloween without making him silly? This is pretty much what we landed on. He was thrilled with it, which meant I was thrilled with it. Baby brother auditioned for the band as well....a one, two, a one two three four. He got the gig.

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