Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat and the Leader of the Pack

We had so much fun today. Well the first part of the day not so much.....Clancey had his one year check up, which went great but there were shots involved. Including a flu shot for big brother that was not the highlight of his life. But I couldn't have been better....gorgeous warm weather, a Halloween party at preschool yesterday, a party at the library today and trick or treating. We wrangled Clancey into his cow getup, which he played along with for a while....then became a bit of an agitated bovine near the end of the evening....a little hugging on the trek home from Daddy calmed the wild beast. Marsh had a BLAST portraying his rock star alter ego one more time tonight....and he got A LOT OF LOOT!
This afternoon at the Library party Clancey hammed it up for the kids...getting right in the middle of things and getting jiggy, entertaining the crowd. He's his own guy. Loves the attention and laughter. He led the kids on a crawl around the library, having a ball until he realized everyone was mimicing everything he did....found that a tad distressing and the bottom lip made an appearance until the little girls all cooed and made lovey faces and the world was set right.

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