Thursday, October 16, 2008

Step Back and Enjoy the View

This fall has been so pretty and so warm. We've been blessed this year. The leaves are gorgeous, ranging from golden yellow to firey red. The view out our front door is so peaceful and pretty right now. The harvest is slowly getting underway, so the view will get a little noisier as the tractors make their way to the co-op, but that's okay...makes us remember why Iowa is so special. We've enjoyed getting ready for Halloween this year. Marsh and I made little white ghosts to go in the front yard and made the 'witches' sign for the front door. These are the things I realized I was missing while maintaining a frantic pace volunteering here in town. Now that I'm stepping back from that I'm finding myself again, a self that I really enjoy! I'm calmer, quieter and am taking in the minutia again.

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  1. So great! Wish we had more time for these things. After work tomorrow, we might take some time to go get pumpkins.


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