Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do It Yourself Thanksgiving Decor

Dare to DIY

It's a blog party! This is my very first and I'm so excited to post my little projects! Thanks to Kim for getting us all motivated to spruce up for Thanksgiving. So here goes....

I'm more of a "before and after"kind of girl....hope you don't mind there are no "in progress" shots...I just plain stink at taking photos mid-process!

The Goodwill Cornucopia
Found this little cutie on a recent Goodwill spree. It was nice, but just not quite right....until a little spray paint saved the day. Excuse the horrendous photo of this one....just never seems to be the right light in our living room.Before...a perfectly respectable cornucopia....but.....

....that's better.

The Window Seat
For over a year our GORGEOUS...DOUBLE GORGEOUS...LOVE THEM SO MUCH I WOULD EAT THEM IF THEY WEREN'T MADE OF WOOD built in bookcases have been finished. Thanks Dad!!!! At one end is a charming little window seat...but the poor thing never got a cushion or even a single pillow...just a heap of little boy toys. Well that all changed my friends!!

Okay, okay...this shot is a little scary. Looks like some kind of fabric crime scene...I can hear the Law and Order theme song right now....anyway, this pile of...of....well stuff turned into this!! And the great thing about being thrifty is it makes a person ingenuitive...or at least that's the one I'm sticking with. I didn't have enough fabric to cover the entire windowseat cushion, so I covered one side in this yummy cream velvet and the other side in a smooth neutral print, so it's REVERSIBLE! YAY!

And lastly...but not leastly...
The Sign
On the very same overly indulgent day that I rescued the cornucopia from Goodwill I just happened to stop at the REStore as was my lucky day folks. (Not according to my husband... some people, sheesh)
This cabinet door CALLED my did....I really mean it. Along with enough other things that I was teetering a big pile all the way to the checkout...including the piece de resistance that I will debut next week....
Back to the task at hand. The door required a little sanding, a little wood putty, some paint and voila!Before
After...LOVE IT!!!! I painted the door with a satin finish...Cove Blue I think it was called...gotta love the paint at the REStore! The "thankful" part was the result of pouring a little of this and a little of that together, letting it dry, then sanding it down a little for a distressed look.

Be sure to head over to visit Kim at NewlyWoodwards to check out all the great projects!!


  1. Beautiful. I love the natural look of everything. Nice decor - Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. You have put us all to shame, Jen! The pillows... I'm dying over them. I think I NEED a turkey pillow. NEED! And, I have to tell you, I have a stack of old cabinet doors in the garage that I purchased for this same project. But... .they are still waiting for some loving. DId you use stencils? The words are perfect.

    Okay... I'm just totally impressed. Thanks for joining in this week.

  3. I'm in love with your window seat and super super jealous. Your cushion turned out AWESOME and that turkey pillow is so cute I could eat it up.

  4. Love that thankful sign. So pretty and the letters look great. :-) Oh and your turkey pillow is awesome!

  5. Thanks everyone!! Everything was super fun to do and I'm looking forward to next week! Kim~ I don't use stencils...instead I just print out whatever word I want onto regular paper, flip it over, put up to a window, trace the letters from behind with a soft lead pencil, then put the paper, right side up on the wood or whatever you're transferring to, trace around the letters with a ballpoint pen and there you go! It leaves a faint pencil line for you to paint inside! Works great and you can choose ANY font, any size you like!

  6. I absolutely love the sign! I'm on the lookout for old cabinet doors now!

  7. It all looks great!! My favorite is the sign. I love using old cabinet doors to make signs. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Everything is great - but the sign is FANTASTIC. LOVE it!

  9. I am really digging the turkey pillow!

  10. Thank you for posting such a useful, impressive and a wicked article./Wow.. looking good!

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