Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Table...Free, Free, Cheap, Cheap

Dare to DIY

Week 2...Let's Party! This week we're "Daring to Entertain".....well....we were planning to entertain, but had a change of plans. The table was already set and my creative juices were flowing, so what the heck, I just kept setting and setting until it was be taken down tomorrow to make way for the CHRISTMAS TIDAL WAVE!! My sweet husband has already put up the "foyer tree" for we have a little holiday overlap in our house right now.

Back to the party!

On a recent trip to the Restore I spotted this little beauty. What is it, you ask? I have no clue. instantly shouted to me "I'M YOUR CENTERPIECE!! PUT ME ON TOP OF THAT GIANT TEETERING PILE YOU'RE ALREADY CARRYING!" Yes, it was a demanding piece of cabinetry or whatever it is, so it got it's way. (and yes, things often shout at me when I'm at the Restore or husband would like me to wear earplugs ;-)

This is what it looked like, AFTER a dusting, PRIOR to a coat of my favorite gloss chocolate brown spray.

And in it's new life as my centerpiece....I think this is what it was meant to be. Worth every penny of the $2 I spent on it. Filled with things from our yard...bittersweet, lilac branches, dried hydrangeas (sprayed gold), Chinese elm, and flowering kale. Gotta love free!!

Darn it....the lighter AND my husband's bike ended up in this shot! But I still like it, so it stays!

Gobble gobble....I have a thing for turkeys this year.

Free, free, cheap, cheap! All the china is hand-me-down or Goodwill. LOVE the crystal...gobbled it all up at Goodwill recently!! 25 cent pumpkins from a "super store". Silverware was a wedding gift. Everything else was gathered in the yard.
See you at the next party!
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  1. Such a beautiful centerpiece! Now I want to find a weird little cabinet thing to fill and make gorgeous!

  2. This looks so amazing, Jen. I LOVE the centerpiece.

    You aren't going to believe me, but I have been trying to explain to my husband that very centerpiece item from ReSTORE. Although, I didn't know it. I just kept telling him I wanted something deeper than a cabinet door (which we have plenty of in the garage), kinda like a tray, but not a tray.

    Now, I'll just show him this. Or better yet, I'll begin stalking ReSTORE again. =)

    I love it all. And, I love all the natural elements. This is truly lovely.

    You set the bar high! =) Thanks for joining the party this week, despite being in the middle of changing holidays.

  3. Gotta love cheap or free! I love your table. Amazing! Even with the bike in the background. ;-) Things call to me in the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores too. In fact, my dishes on my table (this weeks post) came from Goodwill and a local junk store!

  4. You are amazing! Your table is beautiful. It's warm, the centerpiece is so full and polished, and your china and crystal sparkle.
    I can not believe you did this for cheap; it looks like a million bucks to me. Great job!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. What a great centerpiece! I love it with the candle light

  6. Wow, this is just gorgeous! I can't believe it was done so cheap!

  7. WOWIE! You are my kinda girl, grabbing who-knows-what because you know how YOU want to use it!

  8. Your centerpiece is genius! I love it.

  9. Your centerpiece is gorgeous - as everyone else has agreed! Happy Thanksgiving

  10. Stunning table! Wow, it looks so beautiful.

  11. So pretty! I love the turkey place cards - might have to steal that!


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