Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Auctioning We Will Go.....

Have you ever been to an auction? They are wonderful....just wonderful. Until I think about the person who owned all these things.....then it makes me a little sad to think their life's collection is being scattered to the wind. But then.....each person who bids on a particular item REALLY wants that maybe it's for the best. Wow, this post got heavy quick, huh?
Let's get back to the wonderful part. People own really interesting stuff....and auctions are the place to get the very best deals possible. I can say I've been going to auctions for nearly 30 years....and no, I'm not ancient (unless 34 counts as ancient these days...okay, maybe I'm ancient). My dad has been taking me for years (and teaching me the nuances)....and then there was the auction I attended, at the age of 7 or 8, a block from my house, with my little best friend.....and wanted to bid. Who knew, they won't give a 7 year old a bidding number (I asked). I had a dollar....and the item I wanted to bid on didn't even get sold...I would have given them my dollar. Their loss.
Since then I've learned a lot about it all works, what to listen for...etc. It's great fun.

The auction Dad and I attended this weekend was very fruitful. A box full of chunky candlesticks and candles....all for a buck!

Snack trays....I can never resist these little pretties....and they are going to have a fun'll have to keep an eye over there on the right at the Mill Creek Cafe blog....elegant little girls' tea parties are on the horizon. :-) AND, a nice little gal came up to me after I bid on these ($1 per box) and asked if I'd like SEVEN MORE SETS!!!! FREE.

This box of zippers immediately caught my eye....zippers aren't cheap people! And all those cute little bags I have rattling around in my head could benefit from zippers. There are dozens here....and some really cute vintage trim....crocheted pillow case trim...WOO HOO!! A buckaroo folks....that's it.

Oh and I couldn't resist these GORGIE GORGEOUS ball jars. These aren't the quart size....these are the whopper big size. One with a zinc lid, one with the glass lid and wire closure. These are great to organize we did here.

Since we've lived in our home we've never had a flag. This does not reflect on our level of patriotism...please don't send hate mail. ;-) This beautiful flag was left at the END of the auction...the auctioneer was pooped, the crowd had dwindled and he threw out the offer.....IS THERE ANYTHING ON THIS TABLE THAT ANYONE WANTS.....A BUCK FOR ANYTHING. The flag (and pole...and mounting hardware) were rolled into a box...with a string around the box. This is my little auction tip to snoopy. Open boxes, look inside things, etc. I think I was the only one who knew what the box held. I immediately threw my number in the air and said I WANT THAT ONE. This gorgeous flag, with stitched stripes (not just printed) that is as tall as my mom, holding the flag in the photo, came home with me for a steep price of.......$1.

Tis the season of thrifting....
Attend an auction won't be disappointed!!

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  1. Great haul, Jen! I like the chunky candlesticks and the coffee jar amongst those ball jars. So many things you can do with those candlesticks! I had considered going to Margaret's sale in Lowden yesterday, but had plans for going to Hannah's house so I skipped the sale. The last thing I need is more stuff! Whenever I bring something new home Larry says, "I see you have something else for me to put on a hayrack for a sale some day". ;-)


  2. Awesome finds. I've only been to a few auctions, but I found them to be sorely overrated. Kinda a bummer really. I just need to try, try again.

  3. Oh what fun! I would love to go to an auction...I don't even know how to find out about one? You found a lot of goodies! I love the mason jars! Good job!

  4. Auctions really are the best, but I think of them as a great way to learn about people and to share in the enjoyment of their belongings.

  5. LOVED your post! You summed up how I feel about auctions. Can't wait for the big one Saturday that is going to be held. I am hopin' for some good stuff. I feel sad too for people that are downsizing or families that don't want what their parents or grandparents worked so hard for and then it is just gone. Some stranger takes part of their history home. Kind of sad, but it makes me feel better to know that I am going to give it a good home. Love the excitement in the air when you are waiting to see what's going up to bid next. Oh! Can't wait for saturday! Hope it doesn't rain.
    Terra @


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