Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pardon Me While We Step Outside

I feel like one of those rodeo bulls in the pen before they open the gate. Can we just make up a new "frost free" date for eastern Iowa right now. Let's change it to.....yesterday. My tomatoes feel the same way. Bring on the growing season! :-)


  1. Yea, still a bit chilly isn't it? Hey, I just figured out where your house is! I drive by it several times a week when I swing around the block to go to Silhouettes. At least I think that's your house! lol! Big, big fun!


  2. I am very ready to be past the last frost date in northern Ohio. I'm just a little impatient! :)

  3. Don't tell the God of the Frost, but I made the decision (today) to plant my tomatoes and peppers tomorrow. They just wanna be in the ground. So, there you go. ;)

  4. Hear! Hear! Sister! I'll second that motion!

    I have two weeks until I'm in the clear but I've tempted fate and planted a few seeds anyways - just to see what will happen.


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