Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wiggle Tree Mystery SOLVED!

Once upon a time (last summer), a tall wiggly twig grew and grew....straight up from our backdoor flower bed. Usually these poor little saplings get trimmed right off....but this one was different. It made us laugh because it would quiver in the wind. If you were 100 times taller than you were around you would quiver in the wind too. ;-) Thus, the puny little tree was named the wiggle tree....and we watched and watched as it got taller and taller all summer. Then came winter. We forgot about the wiggle tree.

This spring the wiggle tree was back in all its glory, sprouting leaves to and fro. In fact, so many leaves, I took a photo to blog about....and ask for help identifying our wiggle tree.

But then....a miracle.....our scrawny, pathetic little wiggle tree......became a butterfly.

Otherwise known as a beautiful, flowering, blooming crab apple tree.

I would now like to invite whatever bird whom pooped this beautiful tree into my flower bed to return often. Poop away dear bird, poop away.


  1. LOL, your wiggle tree turned out to be something pretty neat!


  2. I saw the post title in your sidebar and HAD to see what a wiggle tree was. I was a little afraid it had to do with mass quantities of insects so I was understandably thrilled to see that it wasn't.

    But what a delightful surprise! By far the coolest story I've read today. I'm going to be smiling all night!


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