Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Little Birdies Have Landed

Welcome home little birdies! Do you remember a few days ago I mentioned I was super lucky enough to win these little guys from Michael's giveaway over at Inspired by Charm?
Today was the big day of their arrival!! And let me tell you, they arrived IN.STYLE. I totally should have taken a photo of the box and packaging...it was so pretty! If I hadn't torn into it like a wild dog at the meat market I could have shown you. Beautiful handwritten label, note, GORGEOUS baker's twine wrapping the birds into their pink tissue blankets.

I think the birdies like their new home.
And as if I wasn't feeling like the luckiest girl on earth already.....Michael was kind enough to include this box of Goblin Chocolates as a little extra.
Combine two little boys, a surprise box of THE.MOST.DELICIOUS.CHOCOLATE.EVER, and a mommy trying to take photos of said chocolate.....not a pretty scene people. They were VERY happy when the chocolates' photo shoot was over and they could dive in. Thanks Michael!!

The boys were so sweet with our new porch friends.....our oldest told our youngest to "be very careful with the birdies. Mommy loves them and she would be sad if they broke." He's so kind.

Aren't they just the cutest thing ever?

Welcome Summer!!


  1. Love that Michael. And, love those lilacs. ;)

  2. Two sweet little birdies are sure to love their new home. Adorable.

  3. Seriously awesome. I saw 2 birds like that in Pottery Barn catalog the other day- with the extra large feet- at seriously big prices. They look awesome on your porch- of which i am jealous. We need to replace our brick porch with a wooden version that is more historically accurate ...getting bids and saving up :)


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