Monday, May 31, 2010

Flowering Dilemna

Happy Memorial Day to all! Humor me while I pretend I'm the optometrist......above you see photo 1. Now tell me which looks 1....oooooorrr.........

Photo 2? Again, that's photo 1 or photo 2.

Ahh, you're right, photo 2! Those scrawny little petunias came home with me from a store which will remain rhymes with Dome Lepot. ;-) I paid $2.99 for each little pack. Ack. It pains me to pay for annuals....they just die at the end of the season. But I digress, I wanted a little somethin' somethin' to put in my front porch, I managed to hand over $6 to the Dome Lepot cashier and went on my merry way. Well not soooo merry, because I just paid $6 for those pathetic little things....which on a sidenote I NEVER buy plants from big box because we have an AWESOME greenhouse 8 miles away.....but I got a wild hair.

SO, back to the story. My voyage took me next to a grocery store (that I love) that rhymes with Baldi. Okay, I give in.....I was at the Aldi. ALDI ALDI ALDI. I love Aldi. If you don't have one nearby you must convince them to build one. NOW, being two days before Memorial Day they had these little planters marked down guessed it, $2.99. WAH? I felt used. Used by the Dome Lepot. I got about 40 times more flowers (okay, slight exaggeration) for THE.SAME.PRICE.

Lesson learned. I should have stuck to my greenhouse and avoided flower purchases in non flower producing stores. But, thank you Aldi for brightening my thrifty day. :-)

I pulled those little planters all apart....each had 4-6 petunias, PLUS a bunch of other lovely flowers. I added one little pot of tobacco leaf to each pot and now they look lovely. The tiny flags even came with those little Aldi planters.....try to beat that Dome Lepot. I dare ya.


  1. So funny. I find it hard to pass up plants too, even when I know I might regret it.

    Annuals are a thron in my gardening side. I love the constant flowers ALL SEASON LONG, but I hate myself for spending so much on them since they only last a season. I keep telling myself I should start them from seed . . . I never do though . . . sigh. . . they should be ugly, then I wouldn't have this problem!

    Your planters look very nice, so glad you stopped by Aldi.

  2. I knew we were soulmates. I love Aldi, too. Adore it, is more like it. I actually saw those same flowers at our Aldi, but my husband threatened death if I bought any more annuals. And, I don't want to die. ;)


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