Monday, September 19, 2011

Bathroom Update Monday!

I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store right now.  A really lucky kid.  It would be wrong to ask everyone to just LOOK at this bathroom and not actually use it, wouldn't it?  I've never been a huge fan of bathroom cleaning....but I have a feeling I'm going to be a little neurotic about cleaning in's just so darn pretty.

Tile is completely finished.   Grout is dry.  The shower is just waiting for Plumber Wes to come back.  When that water gets turned on he'd better jump out of the room because I'm going to slam the door shut and jump's been TWO MONTHS of bathing in the upstairs tub....and I'm not a fan.  A shower sounds like heaven.

With the harvest imminently approaching here in Iowa I'm going to lose Rich for a good month.  He wanted to get the sinks mounted before he is in the Sunday was spent finishing the sink wall.  GOD BLESS my dad for helping me...I was on the edge of Breakdownville just thinking about everything I had to get done....baseboard, beadboard, setting nailheads, wood filler, caulk, primer, paint, spar urethane on sink table tops, paint on table legs....oh dear lord.  Somehow it all got a sign!  As usual, my mom kept the rest of the house running smoothly in my absence.  I'm a lucky lucky girl.  Wish they lived closer.   

By 5ish on Sunday I was to this point....just starting primer.  I required a chocolate shake to contine.  I would have ran an IV drip of chocolatey goodness if I could've gotten my hands on one.   

Oh....and started painting the window.  We have weird replacement windows in our house that came unfinished.  I noticed it right away when we looked at the house for the first  years ago.  Then we moved in...and I said "those windows are hideous....they will be painted."  Um...yeah.  That was seven years ago.'s happening now. 

Bright and early Monday morning we had a beautiful beadboard wall finished....with approximately 283 coats of paint slathered on.  I haven't put the top cap on yet....but that will happen eventually.  I got to the point Rich needed...and that made me (and he) happy. 

His happiness lasted a few hours while he trimmed out the window and started on the closet door. the time of this photo he was plotting ways to murder me and make it look like an accident.  Apparently the closet door that I insisted on using (which I LOVE and bought for $1 at a school auction) wasn't EXACTLY square.  Well to begin with it was a hundred years old.  I doubt if I will be square at a hundred either.  The door jamb Rich had built WAS exactly square.  You're picking up what I'm putting down, yes?  Some naughty words were uttered...I made myself scarce...I didn't even tell anymore jokes about Rich's Hawkeyes losing to my almighty Cyclones last weekend. 

He got cranky. 

I offered lots of muffins. 

Now really....wasn't it worth it?  Look at that beautiful old girl.  I love it.  I knew I would.  Rich digresses. 

I still have to strip the inside of the door and paint it white...but the outside will keep its beautiful aged stained wood.  Oh, and Rich put up all the shelves in the closet too.  I can't wait to put my junk in there. 

Yay Dad!
Yay Mom!
Yay Rich!
Yay Levi for getting pizza!


  1. Before I read your first paragraph I was like...that bathroom is too pretty to use!

    The door was a fabulous choice. Totally worth it. Husbands just need help visualizing things sometimes...and that door will always have a story to go with it. :)

  2. I love it. And the door? Totally worth Rich's trouble. ;) (Rich may not agree.)

    This is going to look so darn good. I'm dying over here.

    That shower is FABuLOUS.

  3. pardon my language, but this is the SHIT! i seriously had to wipe the drool off my face.


  4. I beadboard in a bath. It's looking great so far!


  5. That is fabulous tile on the floor, not to mention the shower wall!! Is the tile on the shower indiviuals? or mesh backed? How did you space them?

    Anything Vintage, like your awesome door, is worth putting in. That's trouble with older stuff....they are never square, but they always add so much character when it's all said and done!




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