Friday, September 9, 2011

The Day of the Floor

Progress is moving quickly now in the's amazing what can happen when PROFESSIONALS do the job!  W3Tile is now on the job....yay Wes!  This guy works FAST.  And I don't mean just kinda fast....I mean SUPER fast!  This was the floor at the end of yesterday....all leveled with the fancy tile backer stuff. 

The closet floor is even leveled!!  I wouldn't want that laundry basket to go scooting right out every time I open the thank goodness it's level. ;-) 

Then there is the tub.  THE tub.  The tub I will soon be able to SHOWER in.  Blessed be to the god of tubs.  The tile for the tub comes in Monday.  Oh yes.....tile....gleaming white subway tile...with just a hint of a squiggle edge. 

But I picked up my dreamy dreamy beautiful beautiful floor tile yesterday at Adams Tile & Stone in Marion, Ia.  They worked miracles to get this tile on time...and now it's here...and was $125 less than they originally quoted.   Those are nice surprises.  Surprises that pay for new potties. 

At this point I will channel the great Barry White...just imagine me using the Barry White voice.....

Hello Baby....welcome to my bathroom....why don't you stay a while and make me happy.  I'll give you kisses. (okay enough Barry White.... but I really did give my tile a squeeze last night.) ;-) 

So here we are this morning.  Wes thinks he'll be done with the floor by the end of today.  We discussed the pattern I'd like him to lay....and he didn't even complain.  I like those kind of professionals. :-) 


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see the finish! I love your tiles you picked out. I so want to refinish my old worn out master bath!
    You always have the best ideas!

  2. I'd give your tile a squeeze, too. Eventually, I'd like to get a clawfoot tub. That would make my life.

  3. I so wish I had those tile floors, but we decided they weren't in the budget. Maybe someday!

    And, I love your layout. it's the same as ours. :)

  4. Love the tiles - they look fantastic. I also love the mirrors - especially the ensuite one. Ange
    Hexagonal floor Tile


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