Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beet Harvest Numero Uno

The beets in my garden are always victims of neglect.  Thank goodness they don't really mind.  I get crazy harvesting green beans, the more glamorous green neighbor, and procrastinate the beet harvest....because it's messy.  And messy.  And messy.  If we're "friends" on facebook you already know that I almost boarded the first train to crazytown when I emptied my "beet" sink (brand new gleaming white cast iron) to find it was stained orange/tan/purply. 
 Heart failure was quickly followed by the room spinning and inappropriate language. 
 One word.
All better.

Anywho, beets are a super least in my book.  I love them.  LOVE.  They always remind me of my Grandma Eula....who ALWAYS had pickled beets on the dinner table when we came for a meal.  They're delicious, they're healthy, super duper easy to grow....perfect.  AND, my 99 year old neighbor taught me the benefits of eating the GREEN parts too!  There is no waste in a beet. 
Well maybe that weird stringy root...that's it. 

I chop up the stems, and use them just like you'd use celery.  And I freeze them.  And put them in soups.  Give it a try.

Then there are the leaves.  Oh the delicious leaves.  I like them sauteed in olive oil and garlic, I like them in salad, I like them blanched and used just like frozen spinach...the possibilities are endless. 

Now just help me pray a little for my tomatoes.  We NEED salsa...STAT....please grow dear tomatoes!!

Oh, and beets are one of those cool crops that we can plant TWICE in I'm off to sprinkle some more beet seeds. :-)

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