Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Who! Over Here! I'm Back! :-)

I'm still on the planet!  Who woulda thunk it?  Sorry for the long absence....Summer does that to a gal.  Just too much to do in too little hours...and I have found that I do actually enjoy sleeping a full night's sleep...and reading for 3.4 seconds before falling asleep. I'm selfish like that. ;-)  So, since we last chatted Rich has been a working machine.....worked straight through our vacation to Beaver Island, MI (post to come), straight through my visit to the 4th Avenue Corn Growers (post to come), through canning beets, (post to come), through a big ole sign that needed to be painted (post to come), through the Iowa State Fair (post to come) AND through the Ironman Louisville race (post to come).  See we've been BUUUUUSSSSSYYYYY. Capital B Busy....but lots of fun.  I'll share it all soon.

Anywho, back to Rich and his amazing work.   Feel free to pop over here, here and here to see where we've come from in the last month. Browse at your leisure...I'll wait.  We now have drywall, plumbing, electrical....

....the bath closet to end all bath closets.  It even has a door.  A real snazzy door that I will debut soon.  I bought it (and removed it) from the Mechanicsville Elementary School auction before it was leveled. And she's a beaut.

And looky there folks.  A real tub.  A real, normal sized, cast iron tub.  It makes me smile all over to think about taking a shower in there.  A normal sized tub with a normal height shower. The tile guy is planning to start on Tuesday.   (just a sec while I do cartwheels down the street).  White subway tile in the bath.....white hex with black flowers and dots on the floor.   Oh yeah baby.

And what is this?  You might ask.  That would be an outlet in the heavenly closet.  Why would someone want an outlet in their closet, you might ask?  Rich asked me the same thing.  Shook his head.  Installed it for me anyway.  He rocks. 

It's for my toothbrush you sillies!  Who wants their ugly electric toothbrush hanging out on their gorgeous new sink vanities.  Not I.

Yep, that's where those gorgeous sink vanities will go.....two of them.  I can't wait to show you those.  Do you hear the angels singing?   No longer will we have an MMA cage brawl in front of the sink in the morning.  Three boys who need to brush their teeth all at once REQUIRE two sinks.  Enough said.   

And there he is.  Rich.  The contractor to end all contractors.  I'm not even going to tell you his last name because I have fifty four more projects for him to work on and YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM.  Okay, I'll share....if I have to.  

Apparently when the last folks "remodeled" this bathroom they didn't really take the time to think about how insulation, air flow and mold interact.  It was a bad scene up in there.  Rich took matters into his own hands, installed a roof vent, vented our soffits (temporarily until I talk my husband into new soffits, gutters, roof and siding), and made sure everything vented appropriately. 

AND, as if all that wasn't enough.  He installed a new outdoor receptacle for us....just because it was exposed from the inside when the bath walls were removed.

So folks, that's it for now.  My pillow book is calling to me. 

See you tomorrow!


  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures and see more bathroom updates!

  2. I've missed you. And I want all these posts now. Busy shhhmizzy. ;)

    The bathroom is going to be beautiful. But I may be biased since we both know how I feel about white subway tile and white and black hex. ;) (Are you copying me? It was clearly my original idea? ;))

  3. The outlet is not silly at all. We did a theater room for a multimillion dollar home, the owners had outlets installed in in the medicine cabinets contractors were dumbfounded but did anyway, I thought it was a great idea. Can't wait to see it all completed


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