Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Ducks Eat

Powered by Marshall. I can't say that I even recall how "Good Ducks Eat" came into being....just saying it was hatched in the brain of my beautiful, creative son is enough. Good Duck, the namesake, is Marshall's cuddly, furry duck that he has toted around for the past 3 years of his young life. This is a duck that is missing hair, needs a good bath every once in a while and has pretty much had the stuffing hugged out of him, but we wouldn't trade him for the world. Marshall has decided to open a restaurant in Good Duck's honor, thus the name "Good Ducks Eat". We're not talking about some pretend, cardboard concoction....we're talking about a plan that includes the location shown (that was Marsh's idea too), menu has been developed, repairs assessed (he decided his Papa would be a good helper with that part of the project, but he'd need to buy Papa some new tools at the tool store in Cedar Rapids), china and decor chosen, and now we're on to the financial plan. Marsh informed me at supper that he'd like to make that trip to the bank tomorrow that we've been talking about because he needs to get some money to open his business. We've already met with the city clerk, who told Marsh she'd check into some things for him. ;-) Everyone meets his inquiries with a grin and a wink, as he asks very serious questions that he expects answers to. What a kid.

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