Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fuzzy Bear or Barack Obama....Obama Everytime

Hmm....I'll preface this story by reminding the reading audience that I have a FIVE year old son, and not a FORTY-FIVE year old son. When we got home from preschool today Marsh was playing with the rubber reptile collection he had happily brought home as his birthday gift from preschool the day before. I mentioned to him that they were, indeed, all reptiles...frogs, snakes and lizards. I went on, in my limited knowledge of science to describe what that meant, including the fact that WE are mammals. What's a mammal Mommy? Well....this, this and this is about all I know about mammals from 6th grade science (I was a history girl, okay?). So, in my infinite wisdom I suggest that he should have Daddy read him some mammal info tonight when he goes to bed....they've been reading info on the Blackberry at bedtime....sun info, moon info, you know all the typical five year old requests. ;-) So he says to me......"Well actually Mommy tonight I wanted to read about Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech."

Okay, you win. Remember....FIVE, not FORTY FIVE.

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