Tuesday, January 20, 2009

real tears

Yep, real tears. Real tears as I watched the 44th President of the United States deliver the first inauguration speech I can actually say I watched....or desired to watch for that matter. There are still naysayers that say he's all hype. Those are also the same folks who go through life, day after day, clutching the status quo like it is their lifeblood. Our country got to where it is today by us, the American citizens, allowing the status quo to go on year after year. This is something new, something different and something to be inspired by. Just let yourself be inspired...don't hold back. We have something to aspire to again as a country...as a WHOLE country, not as Democrats and Republicans, not as blacks and whites, not as the upper class vs. the lower class, but as a country united, AMERICANS UNITED. We are a WHOLE country again and I hope you all join me in saying thanks.

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