Monday, January 26, 2009

The Robe

Clancey Dylan....what a little guy....wears the princess robe without even complaining.
The hand-me-down situation had been going along great until the COLD weather hit. I felt that both boys should don robes all day when it was 6 gillion below zero, as it felt like we could hang meat in our living room despite our furnace's best efforts. Well, herein lies the problem. I made Marshall a robe when he was around two years old....cutest darn robe if I do say so. It's made of super soft blue fleece with fire trucks and the like all over it. He's getting too big for it now, but I haven't made a new one yet to replace the old, so he keeps wearing it...wrists showing and all. But that is ONE robe....we have TWO boys who were in need of cloaking that VERY COLD day. the back of my mind, back somewhere in the cobwebby part that only allows thoughts out when you are almost asleep, I remembered that my folks had brought over a container of things from my childhood of which was what we will label "the princess robe". It's very heavy, knitted from tip to top of white and mint green yarn with an empire waste and little tie in the front. Two boys, one robe....we're going to need the princess robe. We unearthed the little gem from the container, wrapped Clancey Dylan in the robe, wiggled a hat onto his head and he couldn't have been happier. Wouldn't you like to be this cozy? (even if you had to wear a princess robe?)

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