Monday, January 12, 2009

Wild Hairs and Egg Rolls

Wild hairs....they just pop up now and again, don't they? My wild hair sprouted the other night....decided that Clancey was getting to be such a good sleeper that it was time for him to move to the big boy room (ie, Marshall's room). From the moment Clancey came home from the hospital Marshall wanted him to sleep with him in his room....we promised that once Clancey could sleep through the night that we would accomodate his brotherly request. So far so good. In fact the first night they must have felt such relief to be in close proximity, as to not pull their cosmically, psychically linked rope too tight they both slept in until 8am....a record for both of them I think.
The joining of two brothers in a room involves a lot of rearranging, which is appropriate for this time of year....renewal, cleaning, organizing, a fresh start. This fresh start also allowed Mommy and Daddy to once again have a space for their own professional/creative endeavors. The musical chairs of rooms upstairs has finally settled in and the music has stopped (for now anyway). What began as the guest room is now Marsh & Clancey's room, what began as Marsh's room, then transitioned to the guest room, then Clancey's room is now the Mommy/Daddy professional/creative space, what began as the office is now the guest room...and so it goes. A family really has to live in a space for a while before you get it just right....and having a flexible (and strong) husband helps.
And now for a we were chatting about kindergarten and how excited he was to be going next fall. We talked about the bus and learning and eating lunch at school. He got a puzzled look on his face and asked what he would take to eat for lunch. I then described to him that there is a cafeteria at the school and there are people that cook lunch for the children, but that if we saw on the lunch menu there was something he didn't like that we could send his lunch. I asked him what he would like to take in his lunch box. His answer was......carrots (with dip of course), an egg roll, and peas. That's my kid.

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