Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Jen: Smile normal so I can take your picture.

Levi: How am I (snap) supposed to smile normal?

He, he he.

Well we're sick again. Head colds this time. I've had this revelation though in the past few weeks. It's temporary. We're TEMPORARILY sick. In a few days we'll feel better. There are so many others, some in our own community, that aren't TEMPORARILY sick...they're PERMANENTLY sick. This puts everything in perspective for me...I really don't feel much like whining about feeling bad since I know my good health is only waiting underneath the surface, ready to reemerge when my white blood cells do their job. Okay, so I whine a little to my husband, but he puts up with it and lovingly herds the children away from me when he gets home so I can rest a bit. Thank you God for our PERMANENT good health...or at least our usual good health.

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  1. So that is where I got it from... Oh well, I too will heal


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