Friday, March 20, 2009

Cake Auction, Why Must Thou Forsaketh Me?

The North Cedar Post Prom Committee had their annual cake auction last week....the cursed cake auction, as it's now known in our house. This exact week LAST year Marshall ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, therefore ending my efforts to produce a cake for the cake auction. THIS year, exact same week, Clancey ended up in the hospital, but not until AFTER I quickly produced these two little beauties. I've thought about my cake for next year, but I really don't think Levi wants to be next on the list of admissions.

Below are a few of my past cake auction contributions....these did not require hospital stays.

The famous "Hostess treats" Cake. This was a BLAST to make.The very first cake contribution....sort of a Maypole meets flowery circus tent theme. ;-) And yes, the pole is leaning....just couldn't be helped.


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