Monday, March 9, 2009

Flavor Day

Cotton ears make for a funny day. Both mini VanOorts were diagnosed with ear infections today. Spring IS coming, right? After visiting our favorite MD we headed off to do some grocery shopping. Marsh is awesome help at the store and picks up whatever I need and puts it in the cart. We got to the PB and I said "get a blue peanut butter Marsh". (blue=crunchy). He picked up TWO and approached the cart....I said "no Marsh, just one will be fine". He keeps approaching "no Marsh, one will be fine", now lifting them upward to get them over the edge of the cart...."no Marsh, one will be fine". Now they're in the cart. "okay, that will be fine, thanks bud." The doc had warned me that Marsh had so much fluid in his ears that it was like stuffing cotton in there and then expecting him to hear he said to go easy on him if he acts like he's not listening...because frankly he can't hear a darn word. The rest of the grocery trip involved a lot of "What?"s. Then onto the trip home. Marsh asked me to list all the I started in January, naming all that I could think of. We got to the end of summer and I said "Labor Day". Marsh replied "Flavor Day? That sounds great, let's do that one." This was after he had informed me that Presidents' Day was for grownups. ;-) So come on down to the VanOort homestead Monday, September 7th and we'll whoop it up on Flavor Day.

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  1. mmm... flavor day sounds like my kind of holiday


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