Sunday, March 8, 2009

PTO Dinner Gala...You missed it? Stinks to be you.

Imagine yourself, at home, spiffing up for an elegant evening out. You feel your best because you're in a snazzy outfit. You get in your car, drive a few blocks to where a friendly gentleman greets you with an umbrella (its drizzling in this fantasy) and parks your car after escorting you dryly inside. Upon entering the building the coat check frees you of your overgarments. As you emerge into the fancy soiree, styled with twinkling lights and the warm glow of candles, you are greeted by friends and offered delicious hors d'oeuvres and cocktails (mocktails actually...all the better, no hangover). You mingle with the other gala guests and enjoy the musical stylings of a very talented jazz band. As the dinner hour approaches you find your table, which is beautifully decorated and reminds you of a very elegant bistro, where you find a delicious salad awaiting you. Flaky, soft, warm bread arrives moments later. Then the main course, which cannot be described in words just how delicious the food is...the quality of food that makes you ooh and aah after every bite and turn to your fellow guests and ask if they have tried this or that yet because it is SOOO good. As you feel you are approaching the point you simply cannot muster another bite the dessert cart rolls up. Oh...there is a little more room in your tummy for these delectable, sweet, decadent morsels. As you finish this masterpiece of a meal you are now entertained by possibly the most talented singer since Johnny Cash himself....a low, resonant baritone that impresses all who are wondering when this fabulous event will be held again. Oh what a melodic way to end a scrumptious evening.

Yay me, this is what I got to do last night! The North Cedar PTO held it's first ever "Night to Remember" Dinner Gala Fundraiser and oh was it ever a night to remember.

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