Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Giant Sponges--Revised

My kids are giant sponges. The kind that you wash the car with...those REALLY big fluffy ones. At supper Levi convinced Marshall that he would need to know Calculus and Physics to start kindergarten. Marsh said that since he didnt know that yet he'd better get to work. As I type Marsh and his father are sitting at the dining room table with a physics book and learning some new concepts including multiplication.....he's five. Clancey is here in the kitchen putting things away from the dishwasher, then when we had emptied it he went to the cupboard, got out the dishsoap and was ready to put that in as well...he's sixteen months. Wow...what kids must learn from observation (and diligent engineer fathers ;-). I thank God everyday for my beautiful, intelligent children and my education-loving husband.

Addendum: As I was doing the dishes, listening to Levi work with Marshall on these advanced principles I started thinking hmmmm....people who read this might think my hubbie is some kind of nut standing over our child drilling him on multiplication tables. Please rest assured they are having a ball. Marshall loves to learn and Levi loves to teach. To give him some props, Levi was one of the most sought after calculus tutors at Iowa State and one of the most popular Computer Sciene teaching assistants. He has a gift. A very special gift...for making complex subjects fun and easy to learn. Marshall and Clancey are two lucky little boys.

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