Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheese Man

Today as we were eating our morning snack of string cheese, Marshall made an observation....and anyone who knows Marshall knows these can be doozies.

He and Clancey were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying their shiny tubular cheese, when Clancey took a big bite off the top. As any fans of string cheese know, there are two ways to approach this interesting dairy product. One can carefully pull the "strings" down the side of the cheese, or one can bite a hunk off the top. I, myself, have always been a "stringer". My dear husband, a "hunker." Apparently my oldest offspring takes after me as he too carefully shreds bite by bite. Now we realize the littlest VanOort is a hunker.

Marshall, watching his brother devour his cheese says "Mommy, I guess that's just the kind of man he's going to be."

Bless my little thinker. :-)

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