Friday, October 15, 2010

Boxes Here, Boxes There, Boxes Everywhere

It's entirely possible our UPS guy could back up our driveway blindfolded at this point. ;-) We've been a popular stop on his route lately. All fun stuff. I figured, I'm doing ALL the work myself (ok except for the electrical/plumbing/drywall) that I could splurge a teensy tinsy bit on some of the finishing touches. Can't wait to use them all.
The lights....two big ones over the "island" smaller one over the oven.
The oh so pretty dark walnut bamboo roman shade for the big east more squinting into the morning sun while eating cereal. This is one of my proudest shopping moments.....original $ it for $35.....thanks Mom!!!
Rejuvenation oil rubbed bronze switch plate....and matching outlet cover. Guess what that puppy goes over.

THIS little beauty. Am I a total weirdo for getting excited about a switch? Weird or not, I'm in luuuuvvvvv. It looks like the originals in our house, except for one super sweet detail. The top button turns the lights on and off and the bottom is a DIMMER knob!!! So for all those romantic moments I have in the kitchen I can turn the lights low....ok I don't really have romantic moments....I have two kids instead. ;-)

What do you think of this? I'm thinking of ordering four of these to scootch under the island table. I like the industrial look....easy to wipe off....indestructible and stable. And scootchable.

Oh and then there's this beauty. I first saw this piece of table heaven over at Kim's. If you like to look at cool stuff, awesome inspiration photos, awesome remodeling and like to laugh while you do it, check out The NewlyWoodwards.
And here's the best dad asked for the link to the photo you know what that means? He's putting it in his you know what that means? I'm going to have a perfect gorgeous awesome table when it comes back out.


  1. Love the stools! Where are you ordering them from?

    Love what you said about your dad, too. Too cute!

  2. I adore your lights, the shades and the footstools are great! Totally wipeable and boy proof. I need some of those! I so hope you get your table. Everything is looking so good!

  3. I've been enjoying following your kitchen project. Nothing like the motivation of an Open House to keep you going right? (Not to mention the pressure:) I'm in the middle of painting the bedroom floor at the moment. Despite the mess it's still fun to make the changes. Keep up the good work!

  4. I LOVE those lights. The roman shade looks like what my parents have in their house. I never really liked roman shades until I saw theirs in their living room. They eventually hung up curtains in addition to the shades, but the shades created such a cool look you don't even really need to have curtains along with them. They block tons of light, too!


  5. Love love love! You have great taste!

    I like the stools, but maybe felt circles on the bottom since you'll have your beautiful hardwood floor?

  6. Wow you have some great finds! It sounds like your dad may be up to something good. I love your switch plates. I get excited over details like that. I'm excited for you.

  7. Love all the details that are showing up! I can't believe how fast it is coming together!

  8. SQUEEEEL... .Love it! All.

    I missed this post and am trying to catch up. Sorry I asked you about the blinds, I could have just read, I guess.

    Where's the light from. I ADORE IT.

    There is a store in LeClaire that sells a variety of industrial-type stuff that has stools that are almost identical, and I'm fairly certain they were under $80 each. They aren't blue (silver I think). I'm hoping to sneak over there this weekend for something else. Do you want me to see if they still have them?


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